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Don't jump in the pool....

The new year is in full swing and its either we are staying consistent or have reached the oh well, theres always next year point. BUT WHY? Why do we put so much expectations and goals on ourselves at the drop of a ball (see what I did there?) I want to take a second to get you to really think on that? Really dig dip and ask yourself why and who? 1.Why are these expectations and goals set, 2. Who made me do it? Once you get your answers.....think on if these goals are in fact attainable and if not, why is it the all or nothing mentality? I know for me, I am an all or nothing, goal driven and huge quitter kinda gal! Why? Because I set unrealistic expectations on myself to succeed and be better. This does not work and leaves me in a vicious cycle of constantly trying to "fix a problem." But let's not all just think "it's me hi, I'm the problem it's me"...we are too quick to judge ourselves hard and quit. Let's take a step back, look in the mirror and change our approach....let's ask -"ok what small, daily changes/shifts can I make?" I want to encourage you to make small simple steps into the direction you want to go. Don't cannon ball into the pool of quitters.

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