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Happy Valentines Day to you! Personally, I think it's a made up holiday and a waste of $7 for a hallmark card. My husband and I joked that next year we will go to the store together pick out a card and swap and put it back-can you say life hack! But seriously, I just got up from a quick snooze and am procrastinating on what to cook for dinner. I would love a heart shaped pizza but thats probably $30 or so, man inflation is real. This week has been a huge heartbreak for many of us, the Eagles lost in the Super bowl, its hard being a Philly fan. Can we talk about Rhianna's birth announcement tho? And were those Chinese spy ballon back up dancers? Cmon, you know you were thinking it! Consequently I don't know if I can watch the half time show anymore. Between the twerking and thrusting, I was blushing and kind of confused because I kept asking is she pregnant and what is happening, but Oh look she is in the air again. Phew, that half time show is a lot like life right now. So much happening at once, blatant truth right in front of your eyes, but you are scared to speak out and ask what is going on? Let me tell you, speaking the truth has always been a strong trait of mine, however my delivery isn't always the best. This season of life I am learning how important the truth is BUT how it is presented is the key. I think many have lost touch with seeking out truth and doing actual research and using critical thinking. Many rely on well this is MY TRUTH. How is that working out for you? One truth that has been crucial in my life lately is the fact that I am still recovering from a major surgery (explanted November 14,2022.) Truth is, it's been a very emotional and exhausting journey so far. I forget at times that this has been a huge experience and my body is detoxing and working through a lot. The quick bounce back is not happening. I do feel 80% better already. Many of my symptoms have subsided and I am capable of working and working out consistently. This is major progress considering I had to stop everything in May 2022. If you follow me on social media, you can always see updates on my story, my progress and whats next. For now, I think thats enough...until next time, Shine bright like a diamond.

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