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 With over 14 years of experience, Jen is a one stop shop for all things wellness or can connect you with the right person. Personal training and small group training is available at Exodus Sport & Fitness (501 Bay Ave. Suite 101 Somers Point,NJ) Cupping, assisted stretching and bodywork is also available at Exodus. In collaboration with Intergrated Hyperbarics, Red light therapy is available to add on to any service. Bachelorette parties, girls weekends, retreats, teacher appreciation, Wellness events and Family gatherings, Jen is available for bookings. Please reach out for pricing and availability 609-602-9794


Good luck to all the athletes today. I’ll see you at the finish line _delmosport_._._._._.

sports massage

combines therapeutic and targeted massage techniques to treat or prevent sports injuries, relax muscles and stimulate blood circulation for faster recovery time and injury prevention


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most popular massage unlike any other. incorporates stretching, trigger point and various massage techniques


deep tissue

more intense massage for specific pain and problem areas, helps relieve/manage chronic pain


no frills

"short sweet and to the point" a 30 minute focused massage when you are pressed for time and need to still unwind

I incorporate numerous hands on techniques to treat my clients specific areas of pain and dysfunction. There is no such thing as one size fits all ,so I like to get to know each client and put together a game plan that is 100% tailored to their specific needs and wants. Whether you are starting up or an athlete, we can work together toward your health and wellness goals. ​

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